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How to install a memory foam mattress topper?

When you receive a new memory foam mattress topper it is going to be boxed up and tightly packed. Most mattress topper just have to be placed on top of your mattress which might seem simple enough. But we created this guide to give you some helpful tips to make life even easier. Step 1: Place the box with the mattress topper in the desired room. Since the memory foam is tightly packed it will expand making it much hard for it to be able to move around. If you don’t have enough space in your desired location then you can let it expand somewhere else just keep in mind it is going to be a lot hard to move once it is opened. Step 2: Remove the mattress topper from the box, if it is wrapped or air sealed in packing use scissors and not a knife, a knife will cut to deep and damage the memory foam underneath. When using the scissor make sure not to cut deep and only cut the packaging. Be careful while doing this. Step 3: Once the mattress topper is removed from all packaging it will start to expand and off gas. Place the memory foam mattress topper on a flat and even surface, making sure it is not exposed to high heat or direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can damage the memory foam and make it less responsive. Let the memory foam air out for 12 to 48 hours or until it reaches its intended width/ height and doesn’t have an intense smell from being wrapped up in the packaging. Step 4: Once the mattress topper has been fully air out it is time to place it on top of your mattress. Remove all items on your bed sheets, pillows and protector. Mattress protectors can be placed over or underneath a mattress topper but you might as well protect both the mattress topper and mattress. Step 5: Place the memory foam mattress topper on top of the mattress making sure that is lays evenly across the mattress. Remove any bulges or folds. Step 6: Once the mattress topper is laying perfectly flat on your mattress place the rest of your bedding onto, making the bed how you normally would. As you can see it is easy to set up and place a memory foam mattress topper on your bed. Just remember the main tips in this article is to not use a knife when removing the mattress topper from the packaging and to make sure the let it expand in the room that you are using it in to help save time and frustration.